Monday, June 29, 2009

We Love Reed's Dairy!

And not just because Tyson's dad is the plant manager over there. We love Reed's Dairy products more than any others. They're wonderful!

After Jordan and Lindsey's reception on Saturday night we went with Amber and Che' to Reed's Dairy for an ice cream cone. I had cookie dough and it was yummy. Tyson's favorite flavor (licorice) wasn't there so he went for mint cookie. Also delicious. We had a great time. While we were there we hung out with the animals in the petting zoo and took some fun pictures.

(As I was looking through the pictures I realized that I didn't take any of Amber. So I borrowed this one from her blog. Thanks, Am!)

Che' & Amber


Che' talking to the goat

Tyson going for a bite of my ice cream cone

The miniature horse

The miniature horse trying to get a tase of Che's ice cream cone

Tyson & Che' talking to the miniature horse

Reed's Dairy logo via

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The One where Jordan & Lindsey Got Married

Our family's good friends of 22 years, the Bush's, married off their son Jordan yesterday. He married a super cute girl named Lindsey in the Rexburg Temple and we're just so happy for them! It was a nice ceremony. And it was the first temple ceremony I have attended since my own so I was extra excited.
Congratulations, Jordan & Lindsey Bush!

The wedding festivities started off with a dinner catered by Bubba's the night before. It was yummy!
Aaron & Britney

Billy & Tonya (Jordan's brother and sister-in-law)

Che' & Amber

Tyson & I

And of course Bill (Jordan's dad) broke out his accordian for a little dancing.

It wouldn't be a Bush party without the chicken dance!
The wedding was in the Rexburg Temple and it was really nice. I hadn't been in this temple since the open house so it was fun going back.
Amber & Che'

Tyson & I

Me awkwardly standing in front of the temple

Our family waiting for Jordan & Lindsey to come out of the temple

Tyson & I

Billy & Tonya

My hot husband :)

Some of the family outside of the temple

Lindsey & Jordan coming out of the temple

What a cute couple!

The reception was held at that Bush home in their backyard. It turned out so nice.

The food at the reception was really yummy. There were sandwiches, fruits & veggies, and loads of treats. As you can see, Tyson has a few carrots, some honey dew, and loads of treats ha ha. Big shocker!

I loved their colors: dark red, a dark orange, a dark olive green, and a little bit of yellow. So fun! Their center pieces were realy cute too.

Mom picked out the biggest chocolate strawberry she could find. And probably the biggest one I've ever seen! I had to take a picture of it.

Tyson & I

Amber & Che'

Our good friends Lindsey & Rob. Lindsey is one of the Ingram's, whom our family and Bush's family have also been friends with for about 22 years.

Bill introducing the musical number at the reception.

Listening to the musical number

The gift table

I loved all their pictures!

Part of the line
Bush's and the newlyweds
the cake

It was such a nice day!
We're glad we were able to take part.

Friday, June 26, 2009

And then it Hailed

Just when we thought things couldn't get worse for our poor flowers, we had ourselves a little storm. Except that it wasn't little at all! Tyson and I were sitting on our computers and heard the rain. So we were watching the rain...and then the hail came...then the nickel-sized hail came. Holy cow! I was just glad we went right home after running our errands. That was quite the storm.
Here are a couple of videos we recorded today. The first is during the storm and how crazy it was outside our front door. The second is what everything looked like after the storm stopped.

Pictures During the Storm

Our back porch

The back yard
It looked like winter!
Tyson was a hero and saved our pot in the back yard.
It was a little painful, but he saved it!

A waterfall

So much water!

The river running in front of our house

More of the river
Pictures After the Storm
Tyson checking out all the flower damage

That hail just ripped the snap pods apart. Sad!

Tyson holding a pile of the hail

This is what was coming down our drain pipes. It was so crazy!

Our pots just got destroyed. So much destruction!

I guess our flowers were nice while they lasted. And hopefully they snap out of it a little bit. But it was hard watching the weather come down on them so hard today. It was a little too late by the time we pulled them to shelter. Poor things.
If you experienced this crazy storm, I hope your plants survived!