Friday, February 29, 2008


I love Rachael Ray! She has got to be one of my favorite TV personalities out there. I was watching her show today and she made a dessert that looked so yummy! For one, it combines two of my favorite things: chocolate and raspberries. And it's a really simple dessert. Give it a try!
It would be fun if others posted recipes to share, I would like to see what my friends are making in their kitchens! So if you have anything you would like to share, I would love to try it out. I love getting new recipes!
Thanks and enjoy!

Chocolate-Raspberry Sundaes
from her TV show "30-Minute Meals"

1 jar hot fudge sauce - 1 pint raspberries
2 slices marble pound cake or 2 large brownies, store bought
1/2 pint chocolate ice cream - 1/2 pint raspberry sorbet
Whipped cream - 1 bittersweet chocolate bar, for shaving

Heat the fudge sauce in small pot. Add in raspberries and mash the berries into sauce. Turn off heat. Place a slice of cake or a brownie on each dessert plate. Top with 1 scoop each of chocolate ice cream and raspberry sorbet, top with a river of raspberry hot fudge and a swirl of whipped cream. Garnish with shaved chocolate, shaved with a vegetable peeler.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Writing for a Reason

Holly had this quote posted on her blog and I just loved it. It is so important to keep note of what is happening in our lives, and blogging is one way of doing that. When we post our random stories and about our fun and exciting moments in our lives we are keeping record and holding on to the memories. Not only are we sharing these memories with friends and family but we are allowing ourselves to keep the memories close to us and give us something to look back on. This goes the same for journal writing and scrapbooking. One of my biggest motivations for writing in my journal is knowing that one day I will want to look back and read about my life, and share these experiences with my kids. I hope we can all continue to take the time to record what is going on in our lives and share our fun experiences that make our lives what they are - whether it be through blogging, scrapbooking, journal writing, or all of the above. Thanks for being a part of my blogging world!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Past, Present & Future

It's time for another tag!

20 years ago . . . 1988:
1. I was 4 years old and really wanted to go to Preschool
2. I was in the singing and dancing group Sunshine Generation
3. I was playing a lot of house with my twin sister, Amber

10 years ago . . . 1998:
1. I was a seventh grader, or eighth depending on how you look at it, at Rocky Mountain Middle School
2. I was very much into Hanson, Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, and Leonardo DiCaprio
3. I was playing my last year of volleyball
4. I was on the student council

5 years ago.....2003:
1. I graduated high school.
2. I had been working for Carino's for two years.
3. I started my first semester at BYU-Idaho that summer.

3 years ago . . . 2005:
1. I received an associate's degree at BYU-Idaho in general studies.
2. I went to New York City for the first time - woohoo!
3. I turned 21

1 year ago . . . 2007:
1. I made the life-changing decision of going back to BYU-Idaho to finish school. One of the best decisions of my life!
2. Because of #1, I was able to meet Dustin. We've been dating for four months now.
3. Also because of #1, I had the best roommate experience I've ever had in college.
4. Back to New York! This trip also included Boston, Washington, D.C., and Palmyra
5. My twin sister got married. So did my best friend and one of my cousins.

So far this year . . . 2008:
1. I am so in love with my amazing boyfriend.
2. Amy started beauty school.
3. I'm finished with school till September to save money for other things...
4. I am the ward choir director for the first time. I've had every other musical calling.

Yesterday I . . .
1. had a serving shift, bar shift, and key shift all in one day.
2. practiced a song with Amber for Che's grandpa's funeral.
3. had a lot on my mind about my future plans.
4. thought a lot about my old roommates.

Today . . .
1. I sang and played the piano at my brother-in-law's grandpa's funeral
2. I am closing bartender at work. Dustin is going to come visit me and have dinner. :)
3. I am going to take a nap and it will be atleast an hour.
4. I've been surfing the net a little bit and checking out friends' blogs.

Tomorrow. . .
1. I don't work at all, and I'm so excited about that!
2. I'm going to "the store"...
3. Dustin and I are going out with Amber and Che'.
4. I need to clean.

This year I will . . .
1. be so incredibly busy.
2. be making a lot of big changes, and I am so excited!
3. become more organized.
4. be more active and eat better.

I tag...
Whitni, Jessica, Mindy, and Talia (You're off the hook this time, Courtnee!) :)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Can you believe how much snow we've had here in south east Idaho?! It is absolutey amazing. We haven't had this much snow in years, and I'm so ready for it to be over! I've always thought snow was beautiful, but it is even more beautiful when it stays off the roads. I feel bad for the guys who are in charge of plowing. It has been incredibly hard for them to even keep up with mother nature for the last month or so. And we can't seem to stay caught up on our driveway, either! As soon as we get the snow blower out and the driveway clear it seems we have to do it all over again. Crazy snow. I am, however, grateful for the moisture we have been receiving. We have needed this winter for a long time now, and it will be nice to have the water up in the mountains again. On that note, I think it's time to get the snowmobiles out and go for a ride!

Friday, February 1, 2008

January in Review

With the start of a new year, January turned out to be a pretty busy month:

8th: Amy started school at Evan's Beauty College in Rexburg and has really enjoyed it so far. She was planning on living at home and commuting but found some girls who were looking for another roommate. So she jumped at the opportunity to live on her own. So far so good!

9th: Dustin started yet another semester at BYU-Idaho and it's proving to be a busy semester already. He's taking an English class that I beg him to let me do some of his homework in. I know, I'm a weirdo for wanting to do homework on my off-track. But I love English so much!! So far he hasn't let me do any of it. I'm working on him! Dustin also got a new job working for Dish Network. His other job just wasn't cutting it. Hopefully this one works out a little better.

We've gotten more snow this month than I can remember in years!! It's absolutely crazy how much snow we've received. It makes it hard when I want to go see Dustin in Rexburg and I can't because the roads are so bad. One thing that is nice about this winter is the opportunity to learn to drive better in the snow.

The Rexburg Temple was open all month for the open house and it was a wonderful opportunity to go and tour it. I had the chance to go once with my family and once with Dustin. Both times were amazing. Where the dedication of the temple was moved back to the 10th instead from the 3rd there were weddings that had to be postponed. The Idaho Falls Temple has been working to accomodate the couples.

16th: I found out my best friend is pregnant! What exciting news! I was so happy I cried when she told me. I feel like I'm going to be having a neice or a nephew here in the next few months or so. Ashlee has been my best friend for almost 22 years, and I'm just so excited for her!

22nd: I was very sad to hear that Heath Ledger died. I was at work when I heard the news. It was all of a sudden all over the tv's in the bar. I was completely shocked. No matter what people say, it was an accident in my mind. He was one of my favorite actors, and he will definitely be missed.

28th: President Hinckley passing away is something that will always be in my memory. During my lifetime I have had the opportunity to know three prophets: Ezra Taft Benson, Howard W. Hunter, and Gordon B. Hinckley. Where President Hinckley was the prophet for 13 years I was able to know him the best. I am going to miss hearing him speak at conference every spring and fall. I loved his sense of humor. But I am very glad he is happily with his wife now.

There were also many birthdays this month including friends Julia, Emily and Kelli. Dustin's mom also celebrated and so did my cousin, Ashleigh. A lot happened this month worth taking note of. It'll be interesting to see what February brings!