Monday, June 20, 2011

"Happy Valen-birth-iversary!"

In other words, I am good to go with presents for the next year at least! I recently got this little treat. No, not the cute kid in the jacket. The big box he's standing next to. That's my new iMac and it is wonderful. I've been wanting one FOREVER and I reached my day a few weeks ago. And gosh, was that a fabulous day. I love this machine! It will be so great to work on photos and other related stuff. It is definitely going to take me places! Good to have you in the family, iMac!

PS If you haven't already, head over to my recipe blog to enter to win an autographed copy of the Our Best Bites cookbook!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brycen and Kenadee at the Zoo

Ashlee and I took Kenadee and Brycen to the Tautphaus Park Zoo in Idaho Falls on May 13. We had a great time with those two cuties! And they had fun too. They’re good little buddies.

They sure liked this monkey. And the monkey was pretty interested in them as well.


The big cats are my favorite part of any zoo!

This is Andy, one of the llamas in the petting zoo. He is Ashlee’s mom’s favorite!


These two were EXHAUSTED by the end of our little trip!

Can you tell?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bathroom Makeover

We’ve recently been working on a few upgrades to our home. One of them was painting our guest bathroom. We had almost a whole can of paint leftover from when Brycen’s room was painted before he was born so we decided to use the same color in the bathroom. It’s amazing how the rooms look so different from each other, even though the paint is the same. I love that! This was a slightly challenging project at times. But thanks to the help of my mom and a few tips from my painter brother we were able to get the job done.


DSC_0496 edit color

Have to love those bright white walls.

DSC_0499 edit color



DSC_0772 edit color

It’s amazing what a new wall color and light fixture can do to a room!

{BIG thanks to Tyson’s brother Dustin for helping us install that thing! There’s NO way we could have done that without him.}

DSC_0774 edit color

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Little Boy Joining the O’Connor Family!

On April 20th we found out that the newest little member of the O’Connor family will be a boy! My brother Aaron and his wife Britney are expecting little Boston Charles O’Connor to arrive at the end of August/beginning of September and we’re all just so excited for them.

They invited Tyson and I along with my parents and siblings over to their house to announce the big news. Here’s how they did it:

DSC_0076 edit color vin

They made rice krispie treats into Easter eggs and filled them with M&M’s. The color of the candy would represent if they were having a boy or a girl.


DSC_0080 edit color vin

And the M&M’s were blue! Such a cute idea. We were all really excited for them.


DSC_0077 edit color

DSC_0078 edit color

DSC_0081 edit color vin

The happy parents

Yay for new babies!