Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brycen's Big Boy Car Seat

When Brycen used his carrier for the first time he looked like this in it:

Such a tiny little guy! I sure miss those days.

We decided in February that it was time to change Brycen from his carrier to a car seat. This is what he looked like the last time he used it:

So now our little boy is in a big boy car seat and has been for about a month. Exciting times for Brycen!

Brycen and Kenadee's Second Play Date

Ashlee and I have started getting these two kiddos together for play dates on a regular basis.

We just had one today at Kenadee's house and it was really fun.

These pictures come from the second play date these two had, and it was at Brycen's house.

They sure get along well!

Next time Brycen will host.

And I admit, the play date is for Ashlee and I too. :)

Eeyore was pretty popular that day.

We usually have Disney Junior on in the background while they're playing. At this particular moment "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" started. There was no messing around when Mickey came on. All attention on the tv!

Boys will be boys!

Of course we didn't let him get as far as pulling her cute little piggies.

Monday, March 21, 2011

One Sock Off and One Sock On

These days Brycen likes to pull his sock off. But only his left sock. His feet look like this most of the time:
Those sure are cute feet though! I love to kiss them.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Little Bro the Pro

The weekend before this last one Tyson and I took Brycen over to the Villa Coffee House to watch my little brother, Adam, perform on his guitar. Amy went too. Adam is super talented and plays his guitar really well. He is part of a band, but he also performs a one man show he calls "Noise". He plays his guitar along with something he has pre-recorded with his guitar as well. All the parts are played by him. It's really cool. It was fun being able to be there and also see how many fans Adam has. The place was packed! So fun.

Brycen and Aunt Amy

Brycen and Dad

Brycen and Uncle Adam

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Spoke WAY Too Soon

Yesterday I did a post titled "Injuries" about my little guy getting hurt. I may have jinxed him. He had a HORRIBLE day after that, resulting in this:

Brycen's day included:
  • Falling off the chair in our living room while I was taking his 11-month pictures. He fell right on his head.
  • I was in the kitchen making dinner and he fell over (nothing new, happens all the time). Only this time he screamed just like he did when he fell and hurt himself like the times before. I think he landed on a toy again, but this was when he got the slice between his eyes.
  • Tyson came home and we were playing with Brycen on the floor. I was explaining his accidents that day when Brycen flew toward my face and his head bonked right into mine. He now has a bruise above his right eye.
  • And this morning I gave him some puffs and left the room to go grab his diaper bag. When I came back he was choking. I patted his back and some came out, but he was still choking. I reached down his throat and got the puffs out. Pretty soon he had blood coming out of his mouth. I'm pretty sure I scratched the inside of his mouth. He has choked a couple of times like that and it scares the crap out of me.
Please tell me this is all part of growing up and I'm not just a bad mama!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


When it rains it pours, right? And when Brycen falls it's a real doozy. These are his latest injuries. Poor kid! It's amazing how easily a baby can bruise and/or bleed.

This first injury happened a couple weeks ago. He was trying to get up on his hands and feet. Yep, hands and FEET not hands and knees. Naturally he face planted. Right into a toy. I saw a scratch and very soon after came a fatty bruise. I took the picture before the bruise got too purple:
He stayed pretty positive after the incident. He's such a happy little guy:

The second of his crazy injuries happened last week. He was sitting on my bed while I was getting ready for the day. He kept falling over so I reached behind him to fluff up the blanket. On my way back my dagger of a pinky nail sliced his little cheek right open. And it bled and bled and bled. Can you see the blood stains on his shoulder? I put peroxide on his injury and gave him a bunch of kisses. I'm such a bad mom! I felt horrible:

But he forgave me and put a smile right back on his face. What a sweetheart:

Is it me or does he look a lot older in this picture? Scary.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Finally Finished!

I managed to finish my Valentine's Day wreath on the last day of February. I wanted to have it up for at least a day before March came:

Needless to say, all my Valentine's Day stuff is still up and we're a week into March. Hopefully I won't keep up this trend through the rest of the year! Maybe I'll go take it down ha ha.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pretty Darn Random

I decided to do some major photo organizing tonight. It feels good to get everything cleaned up on my computer. During the organization process I realized I missed a few pictures I was planning on posting. I decided to just do one post and use them all!
Back in December (I know, right? Clear back to December!) my sisters, Mom, and I went to a wedding reception in Chubbuck in honor of a friend of the family's. We're talking a friend from probably 20 or so years ago. It was a lot of fun going and seeing their family. We sure do love the Rhoades'!

Mom and Amber at the reception

Morgan & Amy

Katie, Amber, Kelsie, and I
(When I was about 5 years old I fell into a hole of a house being built just down the street from us. My mom saw my injuries and I lied to her and told her I fell off the neigbors' step. Kelsie was the one who taddled on me and told the truth. How dare she.)

Also in December I was able to help celebrate my good friend Stacy's wedding. Good times!
(Remember the story of the Stacy Pasley blanket? That's her!)
We had a shower for her and it was so fun getting together with high school friends. We don't get to do that very often.
(Pretty sure Kelsie had her twins two days later!)

Stacy's reception
Her husband Derek really wanted to get in the picture.

Tyson and I went to Amber and Che's one night in December to play some games. We ended up just playing Candy Land, by request from Amber and I. Can you tell the guys were just thrilled? They were really good sports.

And finally, my boys. Tyson got a new suit at Christmas time and Brycen got a Christmas outfit for church from Grandma and Grandpa Miller. They both looked so handsome in their new church clothes!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

River City Shootout

In November I entered the Idaho Falls Magazine photo contest. The results were printed in the March/April issue of the magazine and it arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I excitedly flipped through the pages to see if any of my photos were printed. But I was bummed when I came to the last page of the contest and didn't see any of my photos. And honestly, after looking at the photos that were printed I am not surprised that none of mine were picked to be printed. The photographers featured are incredibly talented and were rightfully chosen to win. There was no contest with my photos and theirs. However, if I had known the contest would be a photo contest and a "who can do the best edits in Photoshop" contest I would have done more with my pictures to make them look better. Not saying I would have had something printed, but some of the photos printed were pretty tweaked. But they really did look great. I've learned that for next year. But to me, a good photo is one in its natural or near-to-natural state. I'm just glad I was able to have so many great experiences last year that allowed me to capture these images. Here's to many more great times behind the lens!