Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Brycen's 3-Year Check Up

Brycen and Carter see their pediatrician inside the hospital where Carter was born. The pediatrics office is just down the long hall from the NICU where Carter spent the first six weeks of his life. I thought that after Carter's NICU stay and bringing him home I'd want to cry just looking at the hospital, dreading ever having to step foot in that building again.

But instead, it's the opposite for me. I get a peaceful feeling every time I drive by, with an odd longing to walk inside again. I don't know if it's because I spent so much time there and got to know so many people, not to mention my baby living there for the first six weeks of his life, but I love it there.

I entered the building from the north today and took the elevator with Brycen and Carter up to the fourth floor.  It's the slowest elevator in the building, but today it seemed to open pretty quickly. We got on and every person who got on and off that elevator said hi to Brycen and/or complimented him on his smile or cuteness. They always do.

When the elevator opened on the fourth floor and we left the elevator, we took turned the corner to walk down the hall that I walked so many times last summer. In the distance I could see the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit sign and parents walking in and out. I feel right at home walking this hallway, only this time we stopped a lot sooner at the pediatric office. It's always strange not going any further now.

Today's visit brought us in for Brycen's 3-year check up. He always loves seeing the fish in the lobby and finding "Dory" and "Nemo" in the tank. The nurse called us back and brought us into the room. She had me take off Brycen's shoes and asked me some routine questions. Then we headed out into the hallway to get Brycen's blood pressure checked.

If you're guessing that he most likely freaked out at this point, you're exactly right. He ran back into the room and hid behind the table, curling up in the fetal position and crying. The nurse watched as I struggled to get Brycen to cooperate while at the same time holding 22lb Carter. After a minute or so of pure meltdown, Brycen decided that he would do it if I did it first. He also wanted me to carry him back out.

I looked around and realized I was alone. I couldn't seem to find anybody to help me carry Carter while I carried Brycen so, like any good parent would do, I sat wobbly and top heavy Carter on the high and narrow table so I could pick up Brycen. Once I got him situated on my left hip I picked Carter up and sat him on my right. Then out we went from the exam room.

Brycen was in a much better mood at this point and completely forgot that I had said I'd go first. He got his blood pressure checked, he stood on the Nemo stickers on the scale, he got measured for his height, and he even got tested on colors and shapes. He aced both tests, surprising me completely by knowing circle and square.

After the shapes test the nurse had him stand way down the hall to check his vision. He was told to stand by the seahorse sticker and say the shapes he just said before. I knew right away this wasn't going to work. Not only was there a big seahorse sticker on the wall, there were also green streamers everywhere and other "Finding Nemo" characters all over the wall. Way too many distractions! He didn't answer any of her questions about the shapes.

We went back to the exam room for a visit with Brycen's pediatrician, Dr. Rafferty. She asked Brycen a few questions about the color of clothes we were all wearing, his favorite foods, etc. He was nervous about her listening to his heart so Carter was the example. Brycen decided it wasn't so bad and let her continue with the exam. Everything checked out normal. She looked at the red mark on his arm that we've been concerned about and recommended we set up an appointment with dermatology. I figured that would be the case.

By the end of the appointment we learned that Brycen weighs 34lb (78%) and he's 3 ft 1 inch tall (43%). His BMI shows him at 89%, which is considered overweight. Doctors like kids to be no higher than 85%. However, she said it's pretty common for kids his age to be over that 85% because they still have their toddler bellies and have more baby weight on them still. By next year he should be in the average BMI range.

This pediatrics office focuses on the importance of kids and books, so each well visit the children have they receive a book. Carter has gotten a little baby board book every time and Brycen has gotten bigger kid books. It is so wonderful getting a new book per kid every well-child visit! 

I've really liked our pediatrician, even though it was crazy hard leaving ours in Idaho Falls. Dr. Smith was seriously the absolute best. But we've had a really good experience with Dr. Rafferty and have appreciated the many referrals and advice she's given. I think she gives us a new referral every time we've been in there since Carter was born. 

My little boy is growing so fast! He's a kid now and it kind of makes me sad. I'm just glad I have a baby in my home and that I'm not finished having kids because I still need babies around. He's still my baby, just a bigger version. :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Counting to Ten

I love how Brycen counts to ten.
It's super cute. I'm a proud mama listening to him and the things he's learning!

one, two, free, foy, five, wick, sezzen, eat, nine, ten

And anything after that is "eatteen, eatteen, eatteen," etc.

He's also starting to learn his alphabet. 
He'll jump in on letters he knows like G, P, S, V, X (which he says S again), Y, and Z.  He's been learning from us singing the ABC song with him, as well as the letter learning toy on our fridge.

I'm so excited for him to start preschool in the fall!! 
He's going to love it.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy and Had

Brycen does this thing where he says, "A happy!" while making a happy face, then "A had" while making a sad face. (He says "had" instead of sad.) He also doesn't like it when I take pictures of Carter. A few weeks ago these two little Brycen quirks came into play while I was trying to take Carter's 8-month pictures. First, he got in front of Carter and said, "Brycen picture!" Then he did the happy and had thing.

"A happy!"

"A had."

Eventually Brycen wanted to sit next to Carter. Carter loves his big brother!