Thursday, March 7, 2013

Counting to Ten

I love how Brycen counts to ten.
It's super cute. I'm a proud mama listening to him and the things he's learning!

one, two, free, foy, five, wick, sezzen, eat, nine, ten

And anything after that is "eatteen, eatteen, eatteen," etc.

He's also starting to learn his alphabet. 
He'll jump in on letters he knows like G, P, S, V, X (which he says S again), Y, and Z.  He's been learning from us singing the ABC song with him, as well as the letter learning toy on our fridge.

I'm so excited for him to start preschool in the fall!! 
He's going to love it.


I'll Love You Forever said...

He is so cute!!

Jarae said...


One thing that helped my boys learn the alphabet and their sounds is Leap Frog "The letter factory". Don't know if you have heard about it, but it's a really cute movie and only like $10 or so on Amazon. They love watching it. Just thought I let you know about it because I'm glad someone told me about it. :)

Andrew and Collette said...

I can't believe Carter is 8 months! Your boys are so cute!!

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