Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Oregon Coast

Last week the Miller family packed up and took a vacation to the

Oregon Coast.

Tyson's parents rented a beach house in

Pacific City

and invited all of their children and grandchildren to join them for a week on the coast.

Before the trip, Tyson's mom got all the grandkids little buckets with treats in them. So cute!

July 18 - 20

The three of us spent the first couple of days in Boise for a conference Tyson had for work. This was the farthest Brycen had traveled (if he only knew what was coming!!) so the drive wore him out. I spent most of the drive in the back seat with him. And we only had to stop once for him to eat. He did great!

It's tradition for Tyson to get Cold Stone after dinner one night of the conference trips. So we went to dinner at PF Chang's and walked down the street to the Cold Stone he always goes to. When I went to open the door it was locked. The shop was closed down! Tyson was upset that his tradition was destroyed

Brycen stayed positive though!

We had a nice view from our hotel room at The Grove.

This picture cracks me up. We propped Brycen up on some pillows and his little tummy was showing. I had to get a picture!

Brycen slept really well the first night in Boise. He hardly slept at all the second night. This resulted in one tired baby. On our drive to Oregon, we stopped in Pendleton, Oregon, for lunch and had to wake Brycen up so we could feed him. He was exhausted!
Pacific City, Oregon
July 20 - 25
This was our beach house in Pacific City. It was really nice and really big! It had three levels with seven bedrooms. And an awesome view!

We had a great view of Haystack Rock.

Having lunch in the living room

Julie & Grandma Hill in the kitchen

Grandma Clawson

The master bedroom
Brycen took a few naps on that bed.

It looked like Island Park when we looked one way, then we looked the other way and saw the ocean. It was so pretty!

the dining room

living room

front entry

front room

second level main bedroom

second level TV room

and game room

bottom level main bedroom

Our bedroom on the bottom level
Two things: 1) I promise we're not slobs. I took this picture the night before we went home and we were packing all of our stuff. And 2) Notice the sheet in the window? There were no blinds in that house. It got a little creepy at night so we put a sheet in the window.

Oregon Zoo

We spent our first day in Oregon in Portland at the Oregon Zoo. And of course Brycen needed a bottle as soon as we entered the gate.


Brycen did really well and enjoyed being outside!


Steve, Kate, Cooper & Easton looking at the otters

Petting the goats

polar bear
He was our favorite!

One of the polar bears was throwing a ball up and down over and over. It was really cute!

We loved the funny otters floating on their backs!


Grandma Hill sure loves Brycen!

mama elephant and her baby

Miller Family Jeopardy

Clark and Krisit made a family trivia game in Jeopardy form and it was so fun! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Milan & Julie with Brycen

Lillie, Kristi, Cooper & Steve

The Coast

Tyson and I made a drive with Brycen down to Newport. While we were there we went to lunch at Mo's. It was really good! We had a great view of the docks and the fisherman bringing in the crab and fish to serve at the restaurant. Very fresh!

Tyson had some really yummy clam chowder.

I had some fresh shrimp skewers - delicious!

Brycen was exhausted and didn't quite make it through lunch.

Mo's where we had lunch (first window and perfect view of the docks).

You can pay money to go out on the fishing boats to catch fish, then have them cleaned on the dock.

Enjoying some Tillamook Udderly Chocolate ice cream - my new favorite!
Oregon Coast Aquarium

30-foot anaconda

snapper turtle

These two were so big! The crab freaked me out.

This picture shows how big that crab and fish were. Yikes!

Tyson and the starfish

These funny little guys started moving toward Brycen when we rolled the stroller up. It looked like they were all staring at each other.

Can't go to the Oregon Coast Aquarium without getting one of these shark mouth pictures!


sea lion

Lighthouse at Yaquina Head

Otter Rock

Devil's Punch Bowl
The wind was so bad, I thought I was going to fall right in!

Sun going down at Haystack Rock

The Beach

Tacie & Julie

Our family picture before the editing


Father & Son

Getting Brycen wrapped up
He hated the wind out there!

Tyson, Tacie & Brycen





Grandma & Brycen

Taking the hat off fixed everything!

One of the activites for the week was making family stepping stones. Ours is the "T A B" on the far left.

There were deer in the yard of the beach house all the time. It was so fun! They weren't afraid of us at all.

We just loved Haystack Rock and seeing it right outside our window!

Tyson's cousin Sarah came down from Vancouver with her kids Owen, Evan and Karen to spend a few days with us. Karen was a little shy when we took the picture. But only when we took the picture!

Sargent's and Dustin and Erika left Pacific City back to Idaho on Thursday. The rest of us spent the rest of the week together.
Kristi, Clark (Bailey was napping), Grandma Hill, Tyson, Brycen, Milan, Julie, Grandma Clawson, me & Tacie

Tyson's aunt and uncle came down from Vancouver to spend a few days with us.
Here is Garlan with Grandma Hill and his dad Milan.
Garlan, Grandma Hill, Garlan's wife Jill, and Karen

On Saturday (our last day) we all went to lunch at Jack's in Depoe Bay. We had just had a day of shopping in Lincoln City and enjoyed some yummy fish and chips at Jack's.

Bailey liked the watermelon!

The ride home was a joke. We left at 4:45 am and went 17 hours on the road before getting home. In the middle of Oregon Brycen had a major blowout. We were sick of stopping to feed him so we did a bad thing and took him out of his car seat to feed him. As I was burping him I felt something on his back. Yep, poop. At first I thought it was from when we changed him last. But pretty soon I had it all over both my arms and hands. So gross! By the end of the trip Brycen had gone through three outfits and I had gone through three shirts from him spitting up on me and doing other things. Part of the reason why it took us so long to get home!

Overall, Brycen was such a good boy on the trip!