Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Birthday Party for Tyson

My parents and siblings came over for Tyson's birthday on the 27th. We had marshmallow dream bars and played Farkle. It was a lot of fun!
Happy 29th birthday, Tyson!

Singing "Happy Birthday"

Present time! Tyson's parents gave him the grill at the beginning of the summer, so my parents gave him all the gadgets that go with it. He was pretty happy!
Che', Amber, Britney, Aaron, Tyson, Amy, Mom & Dad

Amy, Mom & Dad

I gave Tyson season 5 & 6 of "Seinfeld", "The Reluctant Dragon" DVD (it was one of his favorites growing up), and "The Little Rascals." He'a always wanted that one, too. :)

I also gave him this shirt from Hollister and some hair gel.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our 200th Post: A Birthday Tribute

is 29 today.
He is my best friend, a wonderful example, and my favorite person in the world.
I love you, Tys! Happy birthday!

Here is a look back on the last 29 years...

Tyson John Miller
August 27, 1980
8 lb. 10 oz.
21 1/2 inches

6 months

13 months
Isn't that hair amazing! He had his first haircut in the hospital.

16 months

2 years

4 years
Holding baby brother Clark

7 years

12 years
The first day of 6th grade

15 years

18 years
Opening his mission call to the
Arizona Tempe Mission

Elder Miller

20 years
Tyson & Elder Hobbs

24 years
Holding new nephew Cooper
25 years
Holding nephew Cooper
26 years
Family vacation to Hawaii
27 years
Showing the big guns after a race
On the bus to Martin's Cove

28 years
The day he became a married man...

...and our lives changed forever.

Happy birthday to the most wonderful man in the world. I love you!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some Observations

  • It is possible for the human body to be able to consume an Italian cream soda from Carino's in every flavor in one sitting. There are 9 flavors and yes, this happened today at work. Gross.
  • Every time I drive by the Ammon Albertson's there is an employee sitting out front smoking a cigarette.
  • I am truly afraid of 1J drivers. (If you're from Idaho you know what that menas. And no offense to those of you who happen to be a 1J driver ha ha.)
  • Season 7 and up of "ER" are much better than the seasons before those.
  • You should never punch someone in the shoulder six days after they've had surgery on it. And especially after they just told you that they had surgery. That happened to Tyson today, poor guy!
  • Finding new recipes and building my own cookbook makes me very happy!
  • Vanilla Diet Pepsi is better over ice than it is straight out of the can.
  • I have over 900 friends on Facebook. I didn't know that I even knew that many people!
  • Chocolate solves everything.
  • Starlite Skating rink is still open and people are still having parties there.
  • The Dawn soap commercial with the animals getting a bath is my favorite. And if I had a lot of money I would buy as much of that soap as I can to donate money to wildlife.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Lillie & Cooper!

We helped celebrate a couple of birthdays in the Miller family last week. Tyson's brother's daughter Lillie turned 2 on the 17th, and his sister's son Cooper turned 5 on the 18th. On Sunday the 16th we had a little birthday party for both of them at Tyson's parents' house. It was a lot of fun! We had "basghetti" for dinner and then had cake and ice cream for dessert.

Cooper's favorite color is green so he wanted a green cake. He ended up with a soccer cake that was pretty cool! Lillie got little cupcakes with flowers on them. Tyson's dad made them and decorated them.

Lillie eating her birthday cupcake


On Monday the 17th we went to Cooper's birthday party at his house. Tyson's dad came early and painted all the kids' faces in any way they wanted. After he was done there was Spider Man, a dalmation, a tiger, the Hulk...lots of different faces! They also hit a pinata outside in the front yard.

Cooper getting ready to hit the Spongebob pinata

Opening presents

Grandma Julie holding Lillie & Kate

We got him a pair of jeans and a Spider Man seek and find book. He liked the book a lot. Angie says it will be a perfect church book. :)

Blowing out the candles

There were also cupcakes for dessert. Kate liked the frosting.

Dustin sitting outside with Lillie, Cooper, Elijah and Mitchel
It was a really fun party and Angie did a great job putting it together! There was a party for Lillie on Saturday the 22nd but Tyson was still down from his surgery. We were sad we couldn't make it. But we heard we missed out on a good one! It was a lady bug theme. Erika throws great parties and she's super creative with decorations and cakes.
Birthdays are so much fun!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tyson's First Surgery

My dear husband went in for surgery on his shoulder at Mountain View Hospital this afternoon at 2:45. It has been a pretty crazy week waiting for today to come. But it came, he had the surgery, and everything went really well. He had a very severe cartilage tear that was in need of fixing. We had to wait a little while before going in for surgery. He didn't go into the operating room till almost 5:00.

After an hour and a half of time in the waiting room with Tyson's mom, my mom, and Amber the doctor came in and told me he did really well and things were able to be fixed. After another 30 minutes I was able to go in and see my hubby. He was pretty out of it, but alert enough to ask for me after he started waking up. He kept falling asleep while I was talking to him, and I repeated a lot of things multiple times after he asked me the same questions over and over. He was definitely out of it. The first time he fell asleep it freaked me out because all of a sudden his eyes rolled to the back of his head, and he hadn't closed them yet. I had a minor freak out, and as I looked at his vitals they were fine. It was at that point I knew he was just falling asleep on me ha ha. Another time where I freaked out a little was when they were taking the wires off of him that were monitoring his heart. I didn't know they were doing this, I was packing up all of our stuff and getting ready to leave. Then I looked up and saw the monitor, which was flat lining. I once again freaked out a little, then when I looked at Tyson he was completely awake and alert. Then I realized they were just unhooking the wires. Scared me to death!

He looked really good after his surgery. But I'm not going to lie, it was hard for me to see him like that. Especially when they were injecting him to numb up his shoulder. No one likes to see their loved ones in pain.

We were able to head home at close to 9:00 tonight. After picking up his meds and getting home, Tyson went right to sleep. At the hospital he had a special shot to numb his shoulder for the next 18 hours, so hopefully he will get a good night's rest. I'm so glad it is over! He has a tough recovery ahead that I know he can get through. And I'll be by his side the whole way.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Murri Family Reunion

We spent the weekend of August 6-8 in Ashton, Idaho, at the Murri family reunion. This is definitely one of the events that we look forward to every year. The Murri family knows how to have a great time! This was Tyson's first time coming to this family reunion and he really enjoyed it.
Here are a few of the highlights:

Tyson & Che' putting our tent up
Every year we have the famous ring toss tournament. This year Grandpa made separate boards for tournament play only. It was kind of a big deal.
Lance unveiling the tournament boards

The official tournament board

This is what it looks like at the Murri family reunion during the ring toss tournament. Lots of people enjoying all the action!

Cooper & Grandpa

Grandma & Grandpa Murri: the two people who make this reunion happen every year!

Tyson & Brandon

Tyson & Amy

Grandma & I
We decided to do something different this year. Aaron, Britney, Amber, Che', Tyson, our cousin Austin and I got together and planned what we called "Murri Palooza". It consisted of a series of events where five different teams with all the family members competed for the gold. It was a lot of fun!
Passing a water balloon (Don't let it drop or you have to start over with a new one!)

Saltine cracker-eating contest (Doesn't it make you want to drink a giant glass of water?)

Three-legged race

Filling the cup with salt water

Disney trivia

The tube run

We sure do know how to entertain ourselves!

The belching contest
Amy won, no doubt about it!

Uncle Mike & Uncle Bob congratulating Amy for being such an awesome belcher

The family laughing hysterically at Amy's belching ha ha

The river rock run
Aaron painted five rocks bright pink and a member from each team had to go and get them out of the river. It was pretty crazy!

The river rock race contestants
One thing that has always been fun at the reunion is the craft that we do. This year we did a little block with old pictures of Grandma and Grandpa. They turned out really nice.
(Pictures to come!)
Deidre & I being crafty

We always have a family home evening together. This year we did things a little differently. The evening was full of questions for Grandma and Grandpa about their childhood and their past. It was a lot of fun being able to learn so much about them.


On the last day of the reunion we have the finals for the ring toss tournament. The entire family gathers around to enjoy the ring toss action.
My fam
It was a little cold that day, as you can see.

Grandma tossing some rings

Logan & Leighton were the final two in the tournament.
Logan won! Congrats, Logan!

Prizes for the tournament winners

Grandma won this fanny pack.
She didn't know how to put it on so she put it on her head. :)
Me & Amber

Tyson & I
We sure did have a great time at the reunion this year! We can't wait for next year!