Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What Happens in Vegas...

We're back from Vegas! We went to Las Vegas, NV, July 24-27 with Amber and Che'. And it was such a great weekend. We really needed this vacation!
We flew out of the Idaho Falls airport on Friday evening and arrived right as the sun had gone down. I loved being able to fly over the brightly-lit strip!

Viva Las Vegas!


FRIDAY: Leaving on a Jet Plane


Picking Up the Rental Car
We went to pick up our rental car only to find that they gave us a Toyota Corolla, which would be too small for us and all our luggage. So the boys were pretty excited to find out that we were going to be upgraded to a Dodge Challenger. They were so giddy! I must say that I really liked how much people stared at us as we drove down the strip ha ha.


Cruising the Strip


Our Hotel: Planet Hollywood

Valet parking at Planet Hollywood

the lobby

checking in

Our room
Each room features a different actor or actress. Ours had Natasha Henstridge from the movie "Species." That is the pink sweater she wore in the movie.

SATURDAY: Sight Seeing

We LOVED the Nestle House Cafe' in the Miracle Mile Mall. We bought a cookie every time we passed by!

Our hotel in the daytime

Me in front of the hotel

The wall o' handprints
We found Patrick Swayze's!

Pink's Hot Dogs!
Best hot dog there is.

M&M World

image via legendsofamerica.com

Me, Amber & Red

Me, Tyson & Yellow

Amber bagging some M&M's

Tyson also bagging M&M's

Tyson & Green
Me & Yellow

The whole M&M-loving gang

Che' & Amber walking through the drying machine

Tyson & I in the drying machine

The view from the third floor of M&M World

Doing some shopping

Tyson & the many M&M bags


The MGM Grand
We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe' in the MGM Grand, then we spent some time at the lion exhibit.

image via flickr.com

We loved the lion exhibit! The trainers walked around throwing raw meat on the glass so the lions stopped in front of the tourists for a better view. (Video footage to come!)

Studio 54 in the MGM Grand
The Luxor
The time spent at this hotel was eating dinner at an awesome buffet right before seeing "The Lion King" at Mandalay Bay.
image via ksbyweather.cordillera.tv

Eating dinner at the More! Buffet

Che' had three plates. It was a wonderful sight!

Mandalay Bay
After dinner in the Luxor we went to Mandalay Bay to see "The Lion King" on stage. It was so good! We highly recommend it to everyone!
image via reaestatelasvegas.com

Waiting for the show to start
After the show we headed over to New York New York to ride the Manhattan Express roller coaster. It was so scary! After the roller coaster we posed for a shot with some of the strip behind us.

SUNDAY: More Sight Seeing

The Mirage
On Sunday afternoon we decided to park at Mandalay Bay and spend some time at that end of the strip. We had lunch across the street Chipotle (which was sick) but Amber and Che' made the right decision by choosing Panda Express.
image via e-vlad.net

The view from The Mirage

Che' & Tyson were so proud of our rental car!

After some walking around we headed over to Slots a Fun for some nickel black jack action.

Che' & Tyson seemed to have emptied their pockets on gambling ha ha.
Caesars Palace
We headed over to Caesars Palace to walk through the forum shops. The atmosphere in Caesars Palace is really neat, we enjoyed it.
image via academic.ru

Tyson & i in front of one of the statues in Caesars Palace


Hard Rock Cafe'
We decided to go to the famous Hard Rock Cafe' Las Vegas for dinner on Sunday night. I was experiencing a little bit of heat stroke, and the picture of me with Tyson shows it! After eating one of their delicious burgers I felt 100% better.
image via planet99.com

Tyson & I feeling like crap ha ha (Can you tell?)
Reunion with Roommates
After dinner at the Hard Rock we went to our old roommate Julia's house to see her and our other roommate Sydney. Both of their families are from Vegas so it was a lot of fun seeing them in their neck of the woods. It was so fun being able to see them! I miss these girls!

Sydney, me, Julia & Amber
Fremont St.
After visiting with our old roommates the four of us went to the old strip on Fremont St. We loved it! I couldn't believe how much cleaner and not so hectic it is. We had a great time on the old strip.

The light show

Our favorite place on the old strip was the Golden Nugget. We had so much fun in there, we couldn't get away!
image via travelnow.com
We had the time of our lives in Las Vegas! We all needed a vacation, and Vegas was the perfect one. Thanks again, Amber & Che', for helping make this the awesome weekend that it was!