Saturday, November 29, 2008

'Tis the Season

It has been so nice being home! Next week is my last official week at Richter7 so I'll be moving home next weekend. I can't believe how fast the time has gone! It is a bitter-sweet situation, that's for sure. But I think the majority of my feelings are going toward being home wtih my family and fiance'. I'll definitely miss my friends at work and my family I've lived with, but I'm ready to be home.

Thanksgiving was great! Tyson and I went to his aunt and uncle's house in Rexburg with the rest of the Miller side of the family. It was fun being able to meet new members of the family. Everyone was so nice! Tomorrow the girls are all throwing me a bridal shower and I'm really excited. Having a bridal shower really makes getting married a reality. After dinner we went to Grandma Murri's for dessert and games. The Murri side of the family had Thanksgiving at their house, and it was definitely a party. Lots of people, pie, and partying. We stayed for a few hours before leaving. Then we went back to Ucon and played games with Tyson's brothers and their wives. I love that we all get along so well! I have a lot of fun with those guys.

Today was a busy day, and of course I went out shopping. But none of that crazy 4 a.m. business. I did that once and I'll never do it again! I ended up going around 1:00 with Mom and Amy, and I was able to get Tyson a few more things for Christmas. This morning I had another dress fitting that went really well. I was able to find a pair of purple high heels to wear under my wedding dress, so now the dress doesn't need hemmed. Thank goodness! It was going to be a pain. We also got the house decorated for Christmas this morning. Technically we started last night, but we got it all done today. It looks really festive at the O'Connor's!

After getting home from all the shopping, it was about time to get ready for mine and Tyson's date night we were having. We decided it would be fun to take dinner home and decorate the house. We put up the tree and it looks great! I'm so excited for us to have our very own tree. I took a bunch of pictures, but I will post them later.

That has been my weekend thus far. It has been so much fun! I don't want to leave on Sunday. I'm just glad it will be my last time leaving everybody. Next Saturday I'm back home, and I can't wait!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Little Thanksgiving Humor

It's 9 a.m. in Salt Lake City, and Megan and I are sitting here in a near-empty office. Most people took the day off to start their Thanksgiving celebrations a little early. So while I'm here in almost complete silence, I thought I would entertain you all with a little Thanksgiving story that my friend Patti sent me. It's a cute little story for the holiday. And if I don't post again till after Thanksgiving, I hope you all have a wonderful time with family and friends this weekend! Be safe shopping, and enjoy all the turkey and potatoes!
A young man named John received a parrot as a gift. The parrot had a bad attitude and an even worse vocabulary. Every word out of the bird's mouth was rude, obnoxious and laced with profanity. John tried and tried to change the bird's attitude by consistently saying only polite words, playing soft music and anything else he could think of to "clean up" the bird's vocabulary.

Finally, John was fed up and he yelled at the parrot. The parrot yelled
back. John shook the parrot and the parrot got angrier and even ruder. John, in desperation, threw up his hand, grabbed the bird and put him in the freezer. For a few minutes the parrot squawked and kicked and screamed.

Then suddenly there was total quiet. Not a peep was heard for over a minute. Fearing that he'd hurt the parrot, John quickly open the door to the freezer, the parrot calmly stepped out onto John's outstretched arms and said, "I believe I may have offended you with my rude language and actions. I'm sincerely remorseful for my inappropriate transgressions and I fully intend to do everything I can to correct my rude and unforgivable behavior."

John was stunned at the change in the bird's attitude. As he was about to ask the parrot what had made such a dramatic change in his behavior, the bird continued, "May I ask what the turkey did?"

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Remembering to Enjoy Life's Busy Moments

Life has been ultra crazy the last couple of days. I have been at the point where I have to remind myself that I'm going up to Idaho on Wednesday to enjoy a fun-filled Thanksgiving holiday with Tyson, my family, and his family. I can't wait!

We just finished a busy appointment at work that seemed to cause me a lot of stress over the last few days. Even a few tears were shed in preparation! But when it was all said and done, I thought about how it was all over just like that and how I didn't really take the time to enjoy the experience. It turns out we'll be doing the same thing next Tuesday for the same client so I'll have another opportunity. But it made me realize how much I need to remember to enjoy life even when I'm super busy. Those moments are still minutes in our lives being used - and most of the time they build character.

Within all these moments of thinking I remembered hearing the following quote that seems to fit:

"Know the true value of time! Snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no procrastination. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today."

--Philip Chesterfield

I think this is good advice that I know we've all heard before. The tricky part is practicing it. But it is doable! And that's the beauty of it. We can do it. And the best time to start is now. We only walk this way once. So why not enjoy the stroll?

And as author Susan Harrow once said:

"Life is a rush into the unknown. You can duck down and hope that nothing hits you, or stand as tall as you can and show it your teeth, saying 'Dish it up, baby, and don't be stingy on the jalapenos.'"

Enough said!


And Holly tagged me!

Seven Things I Can Do:
1. I can play the piano.
2. I can sing - I especially love singing with my sisters.
3. I can write papers really well and quickly, and at last minute.
4. I can give myself manicures, and they actually look pretty good!
5. I can get ready for the day really fast.
6. I can bake. Especially chocolate chip cookies!
7. I am a great hostess. I can't wait to have people over when I'm married! (Time to party, Tys!)

Seven Things I Can't Do:
1. I can't eat cream cheese or cottage cheese. Or rather, I WON'T eat cream cheese or cottage cheese ha ha.
2. I can't do a cartwheel.
3. I can't speak another language.
4. I can't drive a stick shift.
5. I can't go a day without talking to my family and Tyson.
6. I can't play baseball worth crap.
7. I can't bring myself to admit that chocolate isn't a food group.

Seven Things that Attracted Me to Tyson:
1. His dashing good looks
2. His sense of humor
3. His love for music
4. His love for his family
5. His work ethic
6. His testimony
7. He always had great date ideas and actually planned them. Even now he always has a plan!

Seven Things I Say Often:

1. "I love you"
2. "Seriously?"
3. "You have GOT to be kidding me."
4. "Remember that time..."
5. "Have a great day!"
6. "Oh!"
7. "Woo hoo!"

Seven People I Admire:
1. Tyson
2. Dad
3. Mom
4. Grandma O'Connor
5. Grandma Murri
6. Grandpa Murri
7. Amber

Seven Favorite Foods & Drinks:
1. Diet Pepsi (regular or wild cherry)
2. Thanksgiving dinner
3. Italian
4. Salad
5. Breads
6. Baked sweets (brownies, cookies...)
7. Mexican

Seven People I Tag:

1. Amber M.
2. Erika M.
3. Deidre R.
4. Katie H.
5. Lindsey G.
6. Ashlee C.
7. Megan H.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

"It's Alright 'Cause I'm Saved by the Bell"

Yes, you are seeing correctly. That is a picture of me and Mr. Belding from "Saved by the Bell." Back in the '90's when I would rush home from school to catch "Saved by the Bell" every day I never once imagined I would get the chance to meet Mr. Belding! I had the opportunity to attend the Argosy University Grand Opening in Draper on Friday night and Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding) was the celebrity guest for the event. It was a great night! Richter7 has spent the last few months helping with the preparations for the event and getting things ready to go. It turned out to be a very successful event and a lot of fun.

I have really loved my internship this semester. And not just for helping with events like these, but I've been able to make some great friends (like my PR friends seen above) and have other neat experiences. I've been very grateful for this opportunity, and it will be something I will never forget.

Thanks to Michael, the photographer at the event, for this photo of Mr. Belding with the girls!

Welcome to the grand opening!

Abby taking a picture of Tim and his son, Peter, with Mr. Belding

The university president and others cutting the ribbon

Dave and Mr. Belding

The presidents of Argosy University (Draper and national) along with two area mayors and Mr. Belding

Thursday, November 20, 2008

18 Silly Uses for Silly Putty

Silly putty is a cool toy that kids totally enjoy. It comes as a formless slab that flows like liquid but can be shaped to form a solid bouncy object. With the goo’s distinct properties, you can create a multitude of shapes and forms by simply molding it like clay. You can also place it in a mold or any container, so the putty can take its shape. As you have probably guessed, silly putty will have no problems turning into different home items, which means you can use it as a cost-effective substitute.

Don’t let its name fool you. The things that you can do with silly putty are anything but goofy. So let’s kick off this list with number one:

1. Pen Grip – The hard surfaces of pens and pencils can cause calluses, especially if you write for long periods regularly. You can cover the pen’s gripping point with a layer of silly putty. It will cushion your fingers, paving the way for a pretty comfortable writing experience.

2. Picture Frame – Shape some silly putty around a photograph until a picture frame is formed. Carve patterns on the frame and stick small ornaments. To harden, place your creation in the freezer and wait for it to harden. Store the frame in a cool place so it will stay firm. You can also add an adhesive or a hardening solution if the frame eventually falls apart.

3. Goo Ring – Silly putty, being available in different colors, can be used to create fancy rings. Take a small piece of goo from the slab of putty. Style it around your ring finger then place it on the freezer. After awhile, it will be hard enough to be worn like an actual ring.

4. Fake Flowers – For artistic people, you can mold the silly putty to form fake flowers. Use a stick or any pointed object to the create the petals and any additional pattern of your choice. When the flower has been created, attach it on a plastic stem for some realism. You can also create two fancy leaves using the remaining slab of goo.

5. Contact Lens Finder – Finding transparent contact lenses on the floor is challenging. They naturally blend with their surroundings, given their color and shape. Before you give up, you can roll a ball made of silly putty on the floor. Its sticky surface will certainly pickup the lenses when they happen to be in the ball’s path.

6. Juggling Practice – If you have a good supply of putty, you can create several balls using the goo. When the balls harden, toss them in the air consecutively. Catch each of them with your hands and make sure that none of them will fall. Once you master the art of juggling, you can take your performance to the streets or in a circus.

7. Fur and Lint Remover – Pet fur and lint, when scattered across your clothes, are hard to remove. Make the job much easier by using silly putty. Tap your clothes with a strip of goo. The fur will latch on to its sticky surface until your clothes are finally fur free and lint free.

8. Dust Remover – Dust, perpetually returning on your furniture, is pretty stubborn. If you have some spare putty, you can then scrub them off your windows and the TV screen with ease. Just run a strip of putty on the dusty areas and they will soon be clean.

9. Substitute Dice – Since dice are often thrown around, the chances of them getting lost are quite high. You can mold silly putty to create substitutes for your dice. Carefully manipulate the viscous substance, forming a couple of small even cubes. Mark the sides of each die from one to six. Once done, paint the markings with white or black paint, depending on which suits the color of your dice.

10. The Bouncing Check – For natural-born comedians, you can make your friends laugh by turning your slab of silly putty into a literally bouncing check. Flatten a sheet strip of white silly putty. Mold it to form a rectangle the size of paper money. Once done, use art materials to copy all details found in an actual bank check. Bounce the goo-based check on the floor when your friends arrive. They will surely burst into laughter the moment they see your wacky creation.

11. Stress Reducer – Roll the goo to form a compact ball or cube. When it hardens, squeeze it tightly, which releases tension and anxiety. Use the unconventional stress reducer whenever you feel tired at work or school.

12. Landmarks in the Dark – During power outages, going around the room is not easy, much less seeing things that you should carry. Locate important stuff like the flashlight, candles and your mobile phone in an instant if you mark them with glow-in-the-dark silly putty. Position a small piece of goo beside each of the items. Come nightfall, you won’t have trouble finding them.

13. Money Counting Aide – Counting money can be tedious, especially new bills, since their surface is slippery. Cover your thumb with a thin layer of silly putty. Its stickiness will separate the bills instantly upon contact.

14. Support for Opening Bottles – For jammed bottle caps and jar lids, place some silly putty on your palms before opening them. The goo’s stickiness and consistency will give you a better grip on those covers. One decisive turn should do the trick.

15. Temperature Preserver for Softdrinks – Cover a bottle of Coke or Pepsi with a thick layer of silly putty and the drink’s cool temperature will last longer. The putty’s density will absorb the sun’s heat, keeping the soda cool and refreshing to drink.

16. Fishing Bait – Roll a strip of silly putty to look like a worm. Pin the worm in your fishing hook and throw it in a body of water. Since the makeshift worm’s surface and appearance resembles an actual one, some fish may actually be fooled en route to a nice seafood dinner.

17. Collage Material – Silly putty’s malleability makes it an effective item for collages. Just shape it into your chosen impressions and patterns. Remember, you should use more than one goo color to properly signify the emotions and details conveyed.

18. Newspaper Article Copier - Have you ever read an article in the newspaper and you really wanted to save it, but all you had was your silly putty? Putty can help with that. You can flatten your silly putty tog the size of the article, rub the putty over the article, and when you pull it off the page the article will be copied onto the putty. You just need to hold it up to the mirror when you read it because the words will be backwards. Better than missing out on the headlining news!

The next time you’re buying silly putty for the kids, remember to save some for yourself. With just a few kneads and presses, you might turn the goo into a household item that promotes total convenience. That’s the time you will appreciate the “Fun for all ages” tag on the product’s label.

- A little fun with the help of -

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Twilight" Verdict

Thanks to all of you who commented on my last post and gave your opinions about my "Twilight" situation! After a few days of letting this post sit and people texting me their thoughts on the matter, I had 18 people give their opinions. And of course it turned out like this:

9 of you said to read the book first, and the other 9 said to just go see the movie.

Of course that would happen! I was going to wait for a tiebreaker but I've decided what I'm going to do:

Depending on when I have the opportunity to see it, I will read the book if I have time. But if the opportunity arises to go see the movie sooner I will just go see it.

Right down the middle!
A friend of mine who owns a movie theater was able to see the screening of the movie in Salt Lake last week and she really liked it. So that already is a good sign!
Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and opinions! They were very helpful. I'll keep you posted with what I end up doing! Also, I want to know what you all think of the movie when you see it. So if you could, would you leave me a comment telling me your thoughts on the movie vs. the book? Or just your thoughts on the movie all together? Thanks!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I've Never Even Picked Up the Book

I'm sure the reaction I just received from most of you after reading the title of this post was something like, "What?!" or "Are you kidding me?!" and "Where the heck has she been?!" Really, where have I been? Yes, I know, I'm kind of freak for having never read any of the Twilight series. In fact, I considered starting the first book a couple years ago when my aunt Patti from Jersey recommended it to my sisters, Mom, and I while we were visiting her and Grandma O'Connor in Midvale, UT. It wasn't until probably six months later that I noticed more people starting to read it. My mom and sisters had gotten a little head start after my aunt mentioned the books. Then before I knew it, every female I came in contact with had either finished reading it or was in the process. But I had been working on The Work and the Glory and didn't want to put that series on hold to start another one.

And now, here I am - never having touched one of the Twilight books and still not finished with The Work and the Glory. So I guess my question is, should I still go see the movie? I've always been one to read a book before I see its movie remake. But quite honestly, I'm feeling a little left out of all the Twilight madness! Almost every girl I know has read the entire Twilight series, and I have no clue what it is even about.

A few good things about me seeing this movie in the near future is
1) I enjoy fun fiction like this and I think it looks pretty good,
2) I'll atleast know what the story is about and if I feel like starting the series, and
I'll get to see my dear friend Cedric Diggory play his first leading role after his tragic death in the fourth Harry Potter movie.

So what do you think? Should I make some time for the book and get it read before watching the movie? Or should I just go see the movie anyway?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My 100th Post

I can't believe this is my 100th post! I've been a little non-existent lately because I didn't want to post something completely pointless or lame on my 100th post. I've been waiting to come up with something good. So I came to the conclusion that post 100 should be about something or someone special. In my case, someone special. If you guessed that this post is going to be about Tyson you're absolutely right! Who better to dedicate my 100th post than my wonderful fiance and companion. I could go on and on about why I love Tyson but there just isn't enough room. But I think this will get my point across just fine. This one's for you, Tys!

Reasons Why I Love You

-You always make me feel so good about myself. You're a great self-esteem booster.

-You're excited to be a dad one day. And I know you'll be a good one.

-You're excited to marry me.

-You like to sing and play the piano like I do.

-You're incredibly romantic, sending me flowers when you think I need a pick-me-up or just to tell me you miss me.

-You make the effort to drive down to Utah every other weekend to see me - something I always look forward to and count down the days till your next visit.

-I can be myself when I am with you. I've never once felt like I need to be someone else or act a different way when we're together.

-You make me feel like I have never felt before.

-I can tell you anything, and you don't freak out when it is something you can easily freak out about.

-You're excited to have me move into your home. And you're willing to let me decorate it. :)

-You're always supportive of my decisions and stand by my side.

-You have always had faith in me and in our relationship.

-You tell me every day that you love me.

-When I think about you I smile to myself and feel at peace.

-We're perfect for each other!

-You send me a text every morning telling me you love me.

-Your love gives me the feeling that the best is yet to come.

-You never give up on me.

-You rub my shoulders and do an awesome job at it. Forget paying for a massage!

-You bring the best out of me and make me want to be a better person.

-You're irresistible!

-You have a great sense of humor and you always make me laugh.

-You give the best hugs. And hugging you after I haven't seen you in a while is one of the best feelings ever. I feel so secure when you wrap your arms around me.

-You always open my door for me.

-You hold my hand everywhere we go.

-You always say the things I need to hear.

-You have taught me the true meaning of love.

-Whenever my phone rings and I see it is you calling, I get so excited to answer it and hear your voice on the other end.

-I have never been happier.

-Your family is amazing and I love them.

-When I look into your eyes I can see in them that you love me.

-You have a beautiful singing voice, and you always sing a song for me when I ask you to. :)

-You let me know that you are by my side no matter what.

-You know me - my likes and my dislikes, etc.

-You are very thoughtful and considerate of others' feelings.

-You love my family and they love you.

-I love the way you keep your cool and stay calm when I do something stupid.

-You mean the world to me.

-I love your small gestures that speak volumes of how much you care about me.

-I love how you keep the notes and cards I give you, even when they're on a paper towel.

-You let me choose the colors for our wedding and trusted me to make good decisions.

-And of course, I love your intelligence because you were smart enough to fall in love with me. :)


I love you more than anything, Tyson. I can't wait to marry you!

Monday, November 10, 2008

8 Things Tag

I was tagged by Angie

1. 8 TV shows I love to watch:
- Friends
- Grey's Anatomy
- The Office
- American Idol
- Food Network Challenge
- Everyday Italian
- Barefoot Contessa
- Ace of Cakes

2. 8 Favorite Restaurants:
- Carino's
- Texas Roadhouse
- Costa Vida
- Bajio
- Cafe Rio
- Winger's
- Thai Phoon
- P.F. Chang's

3. 8 Things that happened yesterday:
- Went to church with Tyson
- Took a nap
- Went to my cousin's farewell
- Went to my grandparents' and uncle and aunt's house to visit with family
- Cried a lot because I hate leaving my family and fiance'
- Drove back to Farmington
- Updated wedding addresses
- Talked to Tyson on the phone before going to bed

4. 8 Things I'm looking forward to:

- Tyson coming down this weekend
- Thanksgiving
- Moving home
- Getting married
- Christmas
- Getting a CD of our engagement photos
- Bridal showers
- Finishing school

5. 8 Things on my Wish List:

- To never ever have to worry about money
- Be a mom
- Have a huge wardrobe with clothes and jewelry
- A piano
- Go to New York with Tyson
- Get completely caught up on my scrapbook and journal
- Be a wonderful wife and homemaker
- Finish school

6. 8 people I am tagging:

- Ashlee C.
- Nicole
- Ashley R.
- Katie J.
- Mikala
- Kristi
- Emily W.
- McKenzie

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Quick Update

First of all, thanks so much to all of you who have left such nice comments on my blog and also e-mailed or called my family! It has been very touching to see so much support coming from friends and family everywhere. My family and I really appreciate it and we cherish your friendship.

I have an update about the cabinet shop. The first couple of days were really rough for my dad and our family. It has been an emotional roller coaster, that's for sure! But we have already seen good things happening since the fire on Sunday morning. Dad found a shop to rent in Ririe for a couple of months while his shop is being rebuilt. The price per month is right where we need it to be, so that is a huge blessing. Yesterday my dad, his guys, and my grandpa went out to the cabinet shop in Rigby and started the cleaning process. It was very cold, but thankfully it wasn't snowing. They had to throw a lot of cabinets away which I'm sure wasn't easy for my dad.

This week will pretty much be a cleaning week for my dad and his guys. They are all working really hard to get things up and rolling again. They're hoping to start work again on Monday in the Ririe shop.

Thanks again to all of you for your friendship and your kind words! We have definitely seen the blessings of all the prayers said on our behalf. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends and family supporting us.

I love you all!

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Nightmare Come True

Those of you who know my family know that we are the owners of O'Connor Cabinetry. My dad started this business a few years ago after quitting his previous job at the site with a love for building custom cabinets and other millwork, and he has never looked back on his decision. Our experience Sunday morning was no less than a traumatic event, but also something we have no choice but to learn from.
. . .
I woke up on Sunday morning at about 7:30 and couldn't sleep anymore. I had spent the weekend in Idaho with my family and had gotten a lot of wedding plans done in the mean time. All I could think about that morning was how much I didn't want to drive back to Utah. At around 8:00 the phone rang, and I heard my dad panicking about something. The first thought that came to mind was that someone was hurt or even dead. So I jumped out of bed and walked into the living room where my dad was throwing his coat on over his suit. He left the house before I could ask him what was wrong. When I found my mom she was in tears and told me that the cabinet shop was on fire. A friend of my dad's was driving by the shop (located in Rigby) and saw the flames. He called my dad immediately, who left right away. Amy had heard the commotion and came upstairs to find Mom and I frantically trying to put shoes and jackets on. The three of us jumped into Mom's car and drove out to the shop.

By the time we got there we saw fire trucks, police cars, and a lot of smoke. It was raining that day and I hadn't realized what I was wearing till I tried running through the mud in what appeared to be flip flops on my feet. When we ran up to the building we saw smoke coming out of all the windows and fire men spraying water inside it. We tried to go around the front of the building but there was too much smoke. So we sloshed through the mud around back to figure out if the fire was out and how much damage was caused. I couldn't see any flames (which I was thankful for) and there was a lot of smoke. But I think the worst sight of all was seeing my dad standing there in complete devistation. Besides family and friends, this cabinet business is his life. It is our livelihood. And the center of it all was on fire. It was a horrible sight. Amy and I called Amber, Che', Britney, and Aaron, and we also called some of my parents' closest friends. They all eventually got to the shop to see what we had been watching all morning. We were all a wreck, it was horrible.

The firemen were able to put the fire out and left around 10:00 while the rest of us stayed to look over the damage. It was hard to look at. My dad and his employees had been working on a couple of jobs, and all the cabinets were inside the building. They were all destroyed. There was also machinery inside that was ruined. Hopefully we'll be able to salvage some of it. The building had been taped off for safety, so we had to look from the outside. It was a sad moment for our family. And the rain made it so much more depressing. My grandparents also came out after a while and were very supportive as well. We definitely appreciated everyone being there for us.

After staying for a while longer we all knew there was nothing more we could do. So we decided to head back home. The family came back to the house and we talked about what we were experiencing. I was so glad all my siblings and their spouses were there. And Tyson came over when we got back to the house as well. It was comforting having him there with us. Dad wanted to take the sacrament so we all got ready for church and went together as a family. It was the first time we'd all been to church together with all the spouses and everybody there. It was so great, and it felt awesome being there with everyone. The spirit was so strong during fast and testimony meeting. The word had gotten out to some of the ward so we had people approaching us after the meeting was over.

When we got back to the house, Tyson's mom brought us over some homemade soup for lunch. It was so nice of her to do that, we really appreciated it. It was so soothing to eat hot soup on such a cold, sad day. And once again, all ten of us squished around the kitchen table that normally fits 6-8, and we shared a meal together as a family.

I'll never forget the way I felt yesterday morning. It has almost felt like a death in our family to all of us. It has been a very emotional couple of days. I am lucky enough to have a job that let me stay in Idaho for an extra day to be with my family. It was a horrible experience having to go through what we went through. In the end we found out the fire started in the spray room after a couple of rags at the bottom of a garbage can combusted. Definitely something to learn from. I'm so grateful that no one was hurt. We are all ready to move forward and get the business going again. We will have to build a new shop. But for now we're going to rent somewhere to get things up and running. I'm grateful for a family who loves each other and pulls together when times are tough.

. . .

This is a time for our family where faith is going to play a large role in our daily lives. But we're ready to move forward. And I know we can get through this. My dad has a lot of people standing behind him right now, and I know we can all move forward together.