Saturday, January 30, 2010

Proof of the Pink Pants

Tyson surprised me and came to Utah with a ring to propose on September 19, 2008. I was getting ready for a dinner party at my uncle and aunt's house at the time.
So when I answered the door to find him standing there with flowers, I was wearing a
bright yellow Spongebob t-shirt
and bright pink sweat pants.
And I'm finally posting the proof!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Easton!

Our nephew
turned 8 years old yesterday.
Such an exciting age! We'll be attending his baptism on February 6th.
We celebrated his birthday with the Miller family with a spaghetti dinner {chosen by Easton} at Tyson's parents' house.

He chose chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and vanilla ice cream. Perfect! I would have picked the same thing!

Grandma Julie lighting the candles

Waiting to sing "Happy Birthday" with Grandma Clawson and Grandma Hill

Blowing out the candles
Little brother, Cooper, helping take the decor off the cake

Easton & Lillie enjoying some birthday cake


Time to open presents!
This one was from Tyson, Dustin, Erika & I.

We got him Mario Kart for the Nintendo DS.
He seemed to like it!

Easton reading one of his birthday cards with his mom, Angie

Dad Steve & Uncle Dustin

Cousin Bailey! So cute.

Easton got some new scriptures from his parents.
Perfect for an 8th birthday!

Clark & Kristi were getting Bailey to laugh so much with water and a straw. It was so funny!

The birthday boy reading his new scriptures

Sister Kate - love her!

And Kate loves her cousin Jack so much!

And so do we!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Must-Have #5: the BeBand

This is one of those items that every pregnant woman needs! It is called the BeBand, from the makers of the BellaBand. I haven't tried the BellaBand, but I absolutely love the BeBand. I started using this at the beginning of my pregnancy when my pants started fitting a little more snug. I could unbutton the pants, put the BeBand on over them, and you couldn't even tell my pants were unbuttoned. Eventually my pants were fitting even tighter so the zipper wasn't going up as high. I wore the BeBand over the partially-zipped zipper as well, and you still couldn't tell my pants were unzipped. Now at 6 months pregnant, I am in maternity jeans almost 100% of the time. But every now and then I feel like wearing another pair of my jeans. And we know that zipper isn't going to come up at all! So I just wear the BeBand over it and I'm ready to go! It looks just like an undershirt most girls get from Shade or Downeast. They're awesome. And they're super stretchy so they can last all through the pregnancy. And they can go up really high on your stomach to keep everything smoothe. I plan on wearing it after the baby is born as well when my pants still aren't fitting just right. I highly recommend it!

You can purchase BeBands in black or white, sizes S/M, M/L and L/XL at Target. My first one I bought is black, size S/M, but I should have gotten the M/L. I can't wear the black one right now. But I have a white one in M/L that fits great.
They're $16.99 and worth every penney!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Belly Time!

24 Weeks

Here it is! I have taken pictures every four weeks since I was eight weeks pregnant to show the progression in my belly growth. It sure has been fun to see the changes!
I went to my appointment today and the doctor said everything is going great. The baby's little heart rate was "perfect" at 150, and all the concerns I had this time around were normal. So I'm a happy camper!
I sure love this little baby. He has gotten to be more and more active, and I love receiving the updates every week that I get through to track the growth and development of the baby. So fun! It appears we're out of the fruit stage of size comparison and onto other objects. This week our little guy is the length of a standard envelope and weighs about as much as a can of soda.
I'm getting more and more excited every day for our little one to come! We sure do love him already.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Showering the Bride

Yesterday I went to my friend
bridal shower with Amber and Mom.
She is getting married on
February 13th
and I'm so excited for her!
She has always been a great friend and we love her.

Amber, Kristine & I

Friday, January 15, 2010

Not So Much

Tyson and I had a gift card to Edwards Theatre here in town (thanks, Dustin and Erika!) so we decided to go see the movie The Lovely Bones tonight. Got to be honest, we don't recommend this one. We should have checked out the reviews - which all gave around 2 stars or a C grade. The previews made the movie look great and we heard the book was good, so we thought it would be a good one to use our tickets. Should have gone to Avatar! Or anything else, for that matter. The movie started off really well, but then it just didn't go anywhere for a long time. The story line is really cool, but the scenes in the girl's life between heaven and earth are very scattered and don't quite connect with the audience. That was pretty much how the whole movie was - not a lot of connection. There was a lot of potential for this movie to really move the audience, but it didn't quite make it to that point. We were bummed. But we at least had a good laugh afterward! As soon as the credits started rolling we just looked at each other and started laughing. Oh well! What can you do. Should have checked out the ratings first! It was a learning experience.

So there you have it. We don't recommend spending money on this movie. But of course, it's up to you! Just consider this a warning!

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tonya's Baby Shower

On Saturday, all the girls in my family went to our friend
baby shower in Rigby.
She's having a little boy, and we're so excited for her! She received a lot of fun and handy gifts. I was taking inventory on all the good ideas! Baby registeries really are a great thing. Tonya did one and it was awesome. It has given me some great ideas for the registry I started at Target.
We're just so excited for Billy and Tonya, and their baby boy due in February!
I love her belly!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our One Year Anniversary

A year ago today, Tyson and I were married in the Idaho Falls Temple. I can't believe it has already been a year! I can't even begin to describe how much I love this man. He has blessed my life in so many ways. He is one of the most selfless people I know, and I'm so grateful that we were brought together. I love you, Tyson! Happy anniversary!

Here's a look back at what our first year of marriage brought us:
  • Found out we were pregnant with our first child
  • Had a cat for three days
  • Buried two fish
  • Two surgeries
  • New ward with new friends
  • Our first calling as a couple (sunbeams)
  • I graduated with my Bachelors
  • Trip to Vegas with Amber & Che'
  • Put in a fence
  • Invested in a snow blower (best purchase ever)
  • Gained a new niece and a new nephew (for me about 4 more than that)
  • One trip to the ER
  • Family reunions
  • Celebrated our first Thanksgiving and Christmas as a married couple
  • Apart 3 days
  • Together 362
We celebrated our anniversary starting Friday night by opening presents.
Tyson gave me the "Anniversary" WillowTree statue (my 6th - they're so great!) and some Florence's chocolates - my favorite!
I gave Tyson a family picture collage that I made with a quote about families, and an iTunes gift card.

On Saturday night we went to dinner at Stockman's, then to ColdStone for some delicious ice cream.

I am so grateful for my husband and this last year we've had together. He is my best friend and I love him so much. I'm so excited for this next year of marriage, especially for the arrival of our first child. I couldn't ask for a better life.
I love you, Tyson! Happy anniversary!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hangin' Out with Jack & Lill

On Tuesday night we spent the evening with Dustin and Erika's little ones
Lillie (2) & Jack (3 months).
They went out on a date so Tyson and I watched the kids.
We had a lot of fun with them!
And it was good practice for later. :)
While they were here we:
read books....

colored in coloring books...

and ate dinner.

Cute kids! We love them!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Shane & Sara's Wedding

We were able to attend our brother-in-law Steve's (Tyson's sister's husband) sister
wedding dinner and reception last Saturday, January 2nd.
The wedding was earlier in the day in the Idaho Falls Temple, then we attended the dinner and reception at
the Colonial Arts Theatre in Idaho Falls.
It turned out to be a very nice evening.Sara's colors were red, gold, and torquoise. It was so pretty!
Shane and Sara looked so happy! What a great day.

Our table

The reception hall

Some of the Sargent kids

The Sargent kids singing "Love" - it was so cute!
("L - is for the way you look at me..." - that one.)

Shane's mom talking about Shane and Sara

And it wouldn't be a party without Kate! I love this picture. The dresses Sara picked out for the girls were so darn cute, I just loved them!

The back

Those boys just loved the cake.
This picture reminds me of a picture of my brother Aaron when he was a little older than these kids.
It was at my uncle Blake and aunt Janell's wedding, and he and Brandon are staring at the cake licking their lips ha ha. I wish I had a copy of it!

Cutting the cake

Cooper was excited to finally get some cake. :)

Cute little Sargent cousins