Friday, May 20, 2011


It’s 11 pm and I plan to be up in five hours. Tyson and I are off to New York City in the morning and our little boy is staying behind. My emotions have been all over the place this week as I’ve gotten my little family packed and ready to go: us to New York and Brycen to his grandparents’ house. I’ve gone from feeling super excited to be leaving for my favorite vacation spot with my husband who has never been before, to feeling like a nervous wreck that my son will be away from us for an entire week. He is reaching a milestone by being away from Tyson and I for a whole week, which is exciting. But  I really didn’t realize it would be so hard to leave my baby behind.

All in all I am torn. Torn between the happiness and sadness that I am feeling about this whole thing. But I know Brycen is in good hands. His grandparents all love him very much and are really excited for him to be staying with them. There are a lot of fun things planned that he will get to go to including barbecues, a birthday party, and a trip to the zoo. He’ll be fine. And we’re going to have a blast. I have to keep telling myself this to keep me sane! It’s going to be a big week for the Miller’s!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Simple Moments

DSC_0801 edit color 5x7 crop

I love this boy and all the fun we have together! He’s such a good little helper with all the laundry. He’s my best pal.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother’s Day/Womanhood Day and Amy’s 22nd Birthday

One of the greatest joys of my life has been being a mom. I am grateful that I was blessed with my sweet little boy and that I will be his mom forever. I’m grateful for my mom and for Tyson’s mom. They’re wonderful examples to us and we love them very much. I am also grateful for our amazing grandmothers. Not only have they been excellent role models for us but they’re responsible for the greatness that our parents possess.

I appreciated the words of the conducting member of our bishopric on Mother’s Day. He spoke about this day as not just being for moms and that it is more of a Womanhood Day. He talked about the importance of our roles as women and that this day is for all women to celebrate, not just for the moms. I appreciated that and realized there were tears in my eyes when he spoke these words. I want those women in my life who are struggling with the current inability to have children that I love you so much and I’m so glad you are in my life. And Brycen also loves you too!!! You help make our lives happy. Thank you for that.

DSC_0635 edit color

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day! My boys spoiled me as usual.


Tyson and I are going to New York soon and he knew how much I love this camera bag from Jo Totes. He got me this lovely vintage-inspired bag a little early so I could break it in before the trip. And it will be perfect for our trip! It holds all three of my cameras and the video camera, plus my wallet, phone, and a few other things.

I received this stoneware cookie sheet from “Brycen” for Mother’s Day and I’m also super excited about this. I love to bake cookies on stone and for a few years I’ve just been using my pizza stones to bake them. While it has worked beautifully, I’ve always wanted a piece of stoneware made for baking cookies. “Brycen” was on the ball with that one! I can’t wait to use it.


DSC_0768 edit color

And it wouldn’t be a holiday without Florence’s chocolates! Tyson got me a box and so did Tyson’s parents. The gift from the ward for the ladies was a little 2-piece box of chocolates. It has been quite the chocolaty week!



After church we went to Tyson’s parents’ house for dinner. I didn’t take a SINGLE picture of anybody there. I was so mad!!! I made sure I wouldn’t forget at my parents’ house. We’ll be seeing Tyson’s family this week so I’ll be getting a few pictures of Brycen with Grandma Miller then.



All the kids went in on a new digital camera for my mom. She was excited!




She was pretty excited to see that Dad got her a new computer!


DSC_0714 edit color

DSC_0721 edit color

DSC_0723 edit color


Like last year at the O’Connor’s we celebrated a birthday along with Mother’s Day. This year it was Amy’s and she turned 22.

(Oddly enough her shirt says 22 as well. Funny!)




Brycen got to lick the frosting off one of the candles. Yum!



Dad thought a few M&M’s should go on the cake. Also yum!



DSC_0708 edit color

DSC_0710 edit color

DSC_0712 edit color

DSC_0716 edit color

Amy squeezing Brycen’s “squish”.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just Waiting…

Our spring flowers have come up for the first time, so they’re a little late to bloom. But they’re so close! So we’re just waiting…

DSC_0783 edit color

DSC_0787 edit color

We do have a little bit of color in the beds. These little beauties started out looking like pineapples, then they soon bloomed. We’ve had this bright burst of color for a couple of weeks now and it’s been so fun! These are also first timers.


DSC_0788 edit color

As you can see it’s looking super green at our house! Just waiting for a little color.


DSC_0789 edit color

That little sprout of green in the middle is my lily. I planted it as a tall plant last year and it bloomed to be a beautiful orangey pinkish red color. I chopped it in the fall and this is its first year coming back up. I was worried it wouldn’t make it. But here it is! (PS Try hard to ignore all the weeds!)


DSC_0795 edit color

These tulips are the closest we have to blooming. Now that the sun is out I’m hoping they open up! I can see one is yellow and the other is red and yellow. Pretty!


DSC_0796 edit color

One of these days I’m hoping to see a little more color than this when I walk out my front door!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Brycen’s First Easter

Easter Sunday marked Brycen’s last first holiday. It was weird celebrating his last first holiday after he turned one instead of before he turned one. Our Easter was so great. Brycen went to his first egg hunt, we spent a lot of time with family, and most importantly we were able to reflect on the sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ and the joy we are able to experience because of the Atonement.



We went to the Ucon egg hunt with Tyson’s parents, his brother Dustin and wife Erika, and their kids Lillie and Jack. We had a lot of fun! Only one parent was allowed beyond the fence so Tyson went with Brycen and I stayed behind the links to take pictures.


I felt a little uneasy when the announcer told the parents they weren’t allowed passed the line, only the kids could go. I thought, Good luck Brycen! Of course the parents didn’t stay behind. These little ones are just a little too young.



Dustin & Jack


Tyson’s parents helping Lillie and Jack open their eggs.


DSC_0173 edit color

Brycen was pretty proud of the two toothbrushes he got at the hunt! He also got a free Arctic Circle ice cream cone coupon and some candy.

DSC_0185 edit color vin

Our little Easter egg hunt champ

DSC_0199 edit color closeup 4x6 crop vin

DSC_0204 edit color

Brycen’s basket of goodies


DSC_0206 edit color

Brycen was pretty worn out by the end of the afternoon.


DSC_0238 edit color

It was such a nice weekend over Easter! We took advantage and went outside to weed the flower beds. Brycen enjoyed his time outside.

DSC_0239 edit color

But he wasn’t too sure of the grass…

DSC_0251 edit color

Can you tell he hates it? Yes, his feet and hands are in the air and he’s balancing on his bum.


DSC_0262 edit color

We woke up Easter morning to see Brycen’s Easter basket full of goodies and fun things.

DSC_0334 edit color

He got a new pair of shoes for summer, a Hershey chocolate bunny (solid-only way to go), a bouquet of tootsie pops, some Easter eggs with candy, an Easter book, a stuffed bunny, and a new outfit.

DSC_0341 edit color

The plastic eggs were filled with peanut M&M’s so he could shake them. He loves to shake things.

DSC_0290 edit color

He loves his new bunny!

DSC_0306 edit color

DSC_0317 edit color

And the suckers.

DSC_0323 edit color

Now we did not teach our little guy to flip people off. We got between him and the TV when “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” was on to take a picture and apparently he wasn’t too happy about it.

DSC_0329 edit color

That’s better! He really is a sweet kid, I promise. Brycen with all his fun new things.



My boys before church on Easter. (The bunny was there because Brycen was struggling to be happy during the pictures.)



After church we went to Tyson’s parents’ house for an egg hunt and to celebrate Dustin’s birthday. Two of Erika’s sisters and their kids came over as well. There were eggs all over the backyard. Most of the eggs had initials on them so the kids had an equal amount. Grandma and Gramps also gave each of their grandkids a package of peeps and a chocolate bunny sucker. It was so much fun!

DSC_0373 edit color

DSC_0376 edit color



DSC_0386 edit color



DSC_0397 edit color 4x6 tall crop



DSC_0400 edit color 4x6 tall crop



DSC_0407 edit color

These girls were so cute. I loved how Kate was holding her basket!


DSC_0416 edit color

DSC_0427 edit color

All the kiddos


DSC_0441 edit color

After the hunt we went inside and went through all the baskets to make sure the kids got their own eggs.

DSC_0442 edit color

DSC_0443 edit color

DSC_0445 edit color



DSC_0448 edit color

Fun day!