Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Boys

This is us these days. Brycen seems to be fighting us in one way or the other, whether it be to get out of the cart at the grocery store or because he doesn't want his picture taken. (Clearly.) Carter doesn't really know what to think when these things happen and most of the time ends up crying from all the noise. Tyson and I, though totally exhausted due to the chaos and lack of sleep, can't help but laugh at how dramatically our lives changed by adding another child to the family. And we're so incredibly happy about it. We love our two boys and life is just one crazy adventure right now!

About our boys...


Brycen has recently decided that he doesn't like hotdogs anymore. No matter how we prepare them (grilled, microwaved, corn dog, etc.) he still doesn't like them. He used to love them so it's been really weird that he won't eat them all of a sudden!

He is a smart kid when he wants to be. He'll watch shows like "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" and he'll interact with them. He'll answer Mickey's questions, way what they ask the audience to say, etc. But when we tell him to do something, it's like he has no idea what we're saying. I was watching the show with him today and I was amazed at how well he was doing. The part that amazed me the most was when Mickey said to yell "Duck! Duck!" to Donald because a bouncy ball was about to hit him. Brycen started yelling "Cuck, Don! Cuck!" I just started laughing and told him he was a smart little turkey. He just laughed at me.

If Brycen wants you to go away or go somewhere he'll just say, "Go go go." The other day I came into the bedroom while he was lying down watching a show. I lied down next to him on the bed and he said, "Go!" Apparently he didn't want me there!

He HATES "3rd and Bird." Whenever that show comes on he cries and wants the channel changed. I don't blame him, that show bugs me. He loves pretty much everything else on Disney Junior Channel.

He watched "AFV" Sunday night for the first time and laughed and laughed. It was fun watching him enjoy it so much.

He loves to go outside and throws a huge tantrum when he has to come inside. That's all that needs so about that one.

He shows his love by tickling. He gives hugs as well, but mostly he'll come up and just start tickling. He tickles Carter right on the feet.

Brycen's newest words:
  • bawnaw (baby)
  • bot (blanket)
  • bawnot (pillow)
  • Mama (Grandma)
  • out (ouch) 
  • peez (please)
  • cocoa 
  • boat
  • Carter (Obviously he doesn't say it that clearly, but there's no way for me to write how he says it on here! ha ha)


Carter is 12lbs 6oz and in the 34th percentile for weight. He went to 2% to 34% in a month and gained 5lbs. He's definitely my kid if he can gain 5lbs in a month!

He started smiling at us for the first time a couple of weeks ago. He smiled at Tyson while he was holding him and he smiled at me two days later. It was wonderful!

He has the cutest little cry. It's different than Brycen's was as an infant, but still just as cute. We lucked out with having cute criers so far!

Carter is SO impatient when it comes to eating. Apparently I was the same way as a baby. He'll start crying and I'll know to go make him a bottle. He then goes from 0 to 60 in an instant with his cry. You would think someone was over there giving him an Indian burn on his arm or something! It's out of control and totally sad. Especially when I'm home alone and he does it. I have to run over, pick him up, and attempt to make him a bottle with one hand (something I have yet to master).

Last week Carter started wearing 0-3 month clothes. I decided to squeeze him into one of my favorite newborn jammies and take one last picture.

 Brycen loves to lie on the floor when Carter is lying on the floor. Cute boys!

 This week there were two days where Brycen didn't take a nap. Usually this results in the above image where he falls asleep in his high chair during dinner. Speaking of which, it's looking to be time to retire the high chair for a while! This kid is getting so big! He loves sitting up to the island, but he also still really likes his high chair.

 Carter really likes his boppy. I'll set him in it while I'm on the computer in the office and he just sits there contently. 

Carter had shots at his appointment on August 28th. These were his 2-month shots so the first ones I had to bring him in for. He's almost 3 months old so the office is a bit backed up. He had three shots in one thigh and then had an oral vaccine. He was mad but calmed down pretty quickly. He was rockin' those neon orange band-aids on his nearly-chubby thighs.

 Brycen likes coming outside to help me spot water. He likes to plug up the hole on the sprinkler head. The other day I didn't realize he was putting his finger in there and I turned it on. He was one made kid!

 Carter loves sleeping on Tyson's fancy down pillow. It's a comfy pillow! He'll sleep on our bed with the cool air going and listen to his soft tunes. That little music maker is from the pack 'n play. He loves to listen to music. Brycen wasn't like that at all. We find ourselves playing music for Carter a lot lately. It's one of the things that can calm him down when he's sad. 

And finally, this little number. Yes, that's blood all over him. I thought I'd spare you and not post the pictures before he got in the tub. We had an incident a few weeks ago where Tyson came home from work for lunch and Brycen got mad when he left. He threw himself on the floor by the garage door and cried. I told him we could go in the back and I started walking to the back door. When I noticed he wasn't following me, I turned around to see him lying on his stomach still by the door and he wasn't moving. I walked over and he looked up at me. His entire bottom half of his face was covered in blood. He had hit his nose on the floor just right and had a massive nose bleed. And it was bleeding like I've never seen. He didn't know what to think and started rubbing it like he had a snotty nose. When he got a taste of he started to cry. I grabbed a paper towel and held it over his nose. Before I could even think the towel was soaked with blood and I had to get a new one. He was bleeding SO badly. It was coming down his shirt like the movie "Carrie". It was horrifying and I was worrying about how much blood he was losing. It was dripping all over the floor and I was trying to guide him through the kitchen and away from the carpet in the dining, as we had just moved into the house the week before. He was screaming and I knew I needed help. I had blood all over me and it was shooting out. My phone was across the room so I ran and grabbed it. I called Tyson and he immediately came back. Thankfully his work is only about 3 minutes away. He walked into the kitchen to find what looked like a murder scene. There was blood everywhere and a trail leading right to us. We took his blood-soaked shirt off and tried to get the bleeding to stop. After a lot of screaming and trying to force Brycen to the ground to lie down, I decided to hold him against me on the floor. We tried to calm him and keep his nose pinched and eventually he fell asleep on me. He woke up as we were bringing him upstairs for a bath. The sick part is that the pictures we took were taken after we wiped up most of the blood. He was just covered. Poor kid! It was horrible.