Thursday, September 26, 2013

Papa Murphy's Preschool Tour {Brycen's First Field Trip}

This morning was Brycen's first field trip. He and his preschool class (as well as the afternoon class) went to Papa Murphy's to take a tour and make their own pizzas. It was so much fun and the kids loved it! Carter was such a good boy, too. I held him during the tour and took pictures. He seemed to enjoy the different surroundings.

A little pre-tour huddle

Learning about making the dough

Running the dough through the machine to flatten it

Washing hands so they can make their pizzas

Brycen thought it was pretty cool to wear gloves and a chef's hat!

Each child was given a pizza dough with sauce and cheese. Then they put pepperoni on them.

Somebody looks guilty! I caught him tasting the cheese off his pizza.

Putting on the pepperoni

Trying the cheese again. He also tried the pepperoni but spit it out in the garbage. Classy!

Wrapping up his pizza to take home

Miss Krystal putting Brycen's name on his pizza

Taking a picture with the owner and tour guide

He sure was proud of his pizza! He can't wait to eat it for dinner.

Thanks for the fun field trip, Miss Krystal!


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